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Mineral Blue is an advanced, cloud-based safe work system for the mining and resources industries.

Cobra mySkills ePermit iSOL8 Factsafe

Cobra enables engineers and risk assessors to create, control and securely distribute risk assessments in the cloud.

mySkills is the online place for workers to save and share their work certificates and professional qualifications.

ePermit automates permits-to-work in the cloud, and deploys electronic permits instantly to mobile devices.

iSOL8 automates isolation processes using cloud technology, intelligent lock boxes, NFC radio tagging and mobile devices.

Factsafe enables field operatives to save visual evidence of critical project events using mobile devices.

Are you drowning in a sea of paper?


● Mineral Blue focuses on project control - who is doing what, when and where, and by whose authority.

● Mineral Blue provides powerful features such as instant electronic permit deployment and real-time certificate checking.

● Our brief, when developing Mineral Blue, was to streamline safety processes using the Internet and mobile devices.

● By reducing administration time, we empower managers to provide a safer workplace.

● Thus we increase primary safety by streamlining secondary safety.

How is Mineral Blue Different?


● Most Safe Work systems re-implement procedures from the age of paper permits.

● Most Safe Work systems are large, complex products, requiring a major investment in time and money to begin.

● Mineral Blue is simple, and easy to use.

● With Mineral Blue, you can be up and running in hours.

Your choice of deployment models:


● Mineral Blue works equally well behind your corporate or project firewall or in the cloud.

● This gives you the choice of the global reach of the public Internet, or the security of your private networks, or any combination of both.

● Because it is based on cloud technology, you can start using Mineral Blue within days. There are no large up-front costs or deployment delays.

Public Internet deployment SecureIntranet deployment
Public Internet Secure Intranet

The bottom line:

Mineral Blue isn't about the Internet. It's not about permits, or risk assessments. Mineral Blue is about time, and money.

Time saved in major industrial processes like shutdowns means more time spent producing end products like gas and iron ore.

Cost savings from increased efficiencies at the point of production are amplified throughout the business cycle.

These are major business benefits, achieved by the smart use of technology.

Mineral Blue will save you money. It will also make you money.


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Mineral Blue is a suite of advanced cloud systems for the mining and resources industries.


Like Mineral Blue? Then you'll love isCompliant.

Most people consider ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliance to be a laborious task. This is because most businesses treat certification as a documentation challenge.

isCompliant changes that by implementing the standards as a suite of easy-to-use modules that you can use to help run your business, thus making compliance a natural outcome of using the system.

iscompliant: simply good business.

QEM Solutions  provides consultancy, management and design services for construction and engineering.

QEM is the Mineral Blue sales partner for the UK and Europe.

iSOL8 Pty Ltd provides OHS (Occupational Heath and Safety) Consultant Risk Management services in Perth to a wide range of industries including insurance, mining, exploration, mineral processing, local and state government, manufacturing, construction projects and small to medium size service industries.

Mineral Blue developed the iSOL8 module  in partnership with  iSOL8 Pty Ltd. iSOL8 is the subject of provisional patent application number 2015902338. The iSOL8 name is a trademark of iSOL8 Pty Ltd.

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Mineral Blue

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