The mySkills System

Are your workers qualified to perform the tasks assigned to them?

It's your risk if they're not.

mySkills integrates with ePermit to provide real-time certificate checking on projects of any size.

Real-time certificate checking across multiple projects.

Workers upload their certificate scans online.

Email and SMS alerts before worker certificates expire.

● Seamless integration with electronic permits.

mySkills does all that and more.

● Public portal free to workers everywhere.

● Workers opt in to share certificate information with employers and recruiters.

● Workers push their certificate information to their contacts.

● Back office system free to ePermit subscribers.

mySkills is the online place to share work certificates.


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Mineral Blue is a suite of advanced cloud systems for the mining and resources industries.


Like Mineral Blue? Then you'll love isCompliant.

Most people consider ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliance to be a laborious task. This is because most businesses treat certification as a documentation challenge.

isCompliant changes that by implementing the standards as a suite of easy-to-use modules that you can use to help run your business, thus making compliance a natural outcome of using the system.

iscompliant: simply good business.

QEM Solutions  provides consultancy, management and design services for construction and engineering.

QEM is the Mineral Blue sales partner for the UK and Europe.

iSOL8 Pty Ltd provides OHS (Occupational Heath and Safety) Consultant Risk Management services in Perth to a wide range of industries including insurance, mining, exploration, mineral processing, local and state government, manufacturing, construction projects and small to medium size service industries.

Mineral Blue developed the iSOL8 module  in partnership with  iSOL8 Pty Ltd. iSOL8 is the subject of provisional patent application number 2015902338. The iSOL8 name is a trademark of iSOL8 Pty Ltd.

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Based on the beach in sunny Mandurah, Western Australia, Wu & Yu have recently produced the following complex, cloud-based systems:

Mineral Blue

Wu and Yu can build your cloud-based business system for less then you think.